Established in 1992 by engineer Andries Ilie Corneliu (1942 – 2009) ANCA-ROM SRL, a name which is also kept nowadays, begins the industrial embroidery production, innovative idea of those times for the textile industry, in a small workshop in Bacau city, in the North-East of Romania. Together with his wife and his two sons as of the first activity years, they dedicate their entire attention and skill to supply quality services which are appreciated to this date. At the end of the 90s, the new headquarters is being built at the same time with the development of the hosiery department which would improve constantly, at present ANCAROM becoming a well-known name among the manufacturers in the field in the area of Bacau. A supplier of embroidery services for more than 20 years, having state of the art technology, being able to perform almost the entire range of products required, it suggests a product knit exclusively in Romania from the most precious threads: cashmere, merino, viscose, cotton, silk.

Its own Umano collection is created in order to please a range of demanding clients, careful about the quality of the dressed product and it is conceived on solid basis and attention from a modern aesthetics.

The passion and love for the two activities is the main engine, our entire work group gathers professionalism, competence, technique with hand-crafted creativity.